...Shot By: J Hus

“When I was in jail, people would look at me like I’m crazy, asking ‘How have you had this opportunity and ended up in here?’ Being humble is good, yeah, but I feel like I didn’t know how big I was”.⁣

“That’s what I’ve learned. People don’t know how powerful they are, especially black men. We always degrade ourselves. We don’t know ourselves. If you look at rap culture, it promotes boy-ism, it doesn’t promote men. So a lot of us, we’re 30, 40, and we’re still boys. Can I ask you a question? How many black men that are 30-plus, do you think other black men want to be like?”(Crack Magazine 07/19).⁣

-J Hus, shot by @gclostudios, July 2019.⁣